CSS Selector Tutorials

Before we begin these tutorials, remember that HTML and CSS is about seperating the content from the presentation of a document (web page), where HTML is the content of the document and CSS is the presentation of the content of the document.

What is a selector?

A selector identifies elements on an HTML document such as paragraphs, headings, images and more. Using CSS, a selector can specify the styles and/or positioning that are to be applied to the HTML element(s).

CSS Universal Selector Tutorial
Learn how to use the universal selector to apply styles to all of the HTML elements in a document.

CSS Type Selector Tutorial
A type selector specifies one HTML element to which to apply a style rule(s) to.

CSS Class Selector Tutorial
A class selector let's you define styles for one or more HTML element of the same type.

CSS ID Selector Tutorial
An id selector allows you to apply styles to only one HTML element within a document.

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